florence cats is an intermedia artist, poet and acupuncturist from brussels.

her transversal work has led her to initiate various projects, from writing to sound, image and mouvement, ; from installation to curation, edition and performance.

trained in urban space and then in acupuncture, space is the trigger of her work, always in tune with the context, the people or the environment. She has exhibited in various art spaces in Belgium (La Part du Feu galey, Quai-4, ETE78, Marchin cultural center, 10-12, Le clignoteur,...) and is co-author of several books with lamaindonne and les éditions primitives, including Lavori in Corso (2020) edited following an art residency at the Belgian Academy in Rome (2018).
during the lockdown period she curated a series of group shows related to water, sign and transmutation - "here come the waves" at the Project(ion) Room 2020; "un signe dans l'espace" at Le Maga 2021; "elixirs" at the Pelgrims house 2021. She also released the collaborative album "Correspondances" 2021 on frisson label, and was part of the Asocial Telepathic Ensemble, an international project initiated by Brandon Labelle & Alessandra Eramo,and documented by corvo record 2022.
her current sound research experiments with theremin, voice, breath, poems and junk.
during the summer of 2022, she will be in sound residency at Q-o2.