Florence Cats is a visual and sound artist, curator, acupuncturist born in 1985 in Vilvoorde and based in Brussels. Her work includes sound, painting, drawing, video, installation, text and performance.
Her proposals are marked by resonance, sun, wind, walking, landscape, experiment and decay.
She often works by collaboration.
Her process starts outside, in nature or in the street - by walking, collecting and transforming remains, using color, assemblage, voice, word, gesture, or proceeding by transfer or quotation to compose poems and installations tuned to a given place. The correlation sets the frame. In her performance her theremin sounds vibrate according the fragility and irregularity of her body motion through air and silence.



* 2013 acupuncture, IEATC, Paris

* 2010 master, espace urbains & ruraux, E.N.S.A.V. la Cambre, Brussels

* 2006 erasmus U.P.V, Valencia

solo show

Hector- la Part du Feu, Brussels 2019

la part du feu, Brussels 2016

duo show with joseph charroy -

elle tourne, été 78 (drawing week), Brussels 2021

terrain vague, StemCell, Brussels 2021

roma,, 10-12, Brussels 2019

vulnerable, Quai4 galery, Liege 2018

nos a(r)mes, pavillon des arts de Marchin 2017

chi è Lei ?, le Maga, Brussels 2017

le temps suspendu, Cosmos Cosmos, Brussels 2012


group show

prendre soin, Anderlecht, 2021

les choses d'ici-bas, DuflonRacz, Brussels 2020

la modestie, Wallonie-Bruxelles library, Paris 2020

still life, Melissa Ansel, Brussels 2020

par monts et par vaux, la Fabrique du pont d'Aleyrac, Saint-Pierreviller (Fr) 2019

garage pirate, Recyclart, Brussels 2019

apertura a l'Accademia Belgica, Rome 2018

Transparence, la part du feu, Brussels 2017

Aléatoire, Charleroi 2017

Arbres, la porte Maubec, la Rochelle 2016

drawings, cultural center of Marchin 2016

Identities I art outsider & insider, Geel 2007

around Bernard Villers, Ixelles museum, 2006

égarement, quartiers latins library, Brussels 2005

projet à l'eau, Brussel-flagey 2005



péridion, Decoster, Brussels 2021

Spazi Aperti, Romanian Academy of Rome, 2018

Dédale, Huy 2016

Oui, Marchin 2017

Amor, light festival, Brussels 2006



élixirs, Maison Pelgrims, Brussels 2021

un signe dans l'espace, Le Maga, Brussels 2021

here come the waves, Project(ion) room, Brussels 2020


performance / live

prendre soin, Brussels 2021

elle tourne, été 78 (drawing week), Brussels 2021

péridion, Decoster, Brussels 2021

ondes & tremblements, with David Neaud, centre culturel GC Ten Weyngaert, Brussels 2021

capsule sporange, Naast Monique, Brussels 2021

still life, Melissa Ansel galery, Brussels 2020

bleu, la part du feu, Brussels 2020

éole cristal, Solvay parc, Brussels 2019

éole cristal, le Student, Brussels 2019

éole cristal, bureau de l'étoile, Brussels 2017



Le clignoteur, november 2021

Academia Belgica, Belgian Academy of Rome, march - june 2018

La Cure, Marchin cultural center, march - september 2017

Hôtel du Fort, Huy cultural center, august 2016



88 jours - primitive editions 2021

LAVORI IN CORSO - primitive editions 2020

Hector, primitive editions - 2019

la Modestie, Projection 2019

nos a(r)mes, Marchin cultural center 2017

chi è Lei ?, primitive editions 2017

contre-lame, primitive editions 2017

Hôtel du fort, Huy cultural center 2016

auto-stop en Islande, Lamaindonne editions 2012

chats lunatiques, lamaindonne editions 2011

le trou, master thesis, 2009



correspondances, frissons 2021

goyal, jf magre 2020

Miorița, éole cristal, 2019

Circé, éole cristal, 2017