capitain Kenju Terauchi

It starts with an image. A man in uniform holds a large drawing captioned in Japanese, in the background we see a plane. This pilot has just drawn the outlines of the "mother ship", but it looks like a sort of giant hamburger, and his serious expression contrasts with the drawing.

On November 17, 1986, the crew of the Japan Airlines Boing 747 observed three unidentified flying objects while the plane was flying over Alaska, with a cargo of Beaujolais wine on board.

Was it a UFO, an illusion or an aurora borealis, it doesn't matter in the end... Witnessing an apparition is perhaps moving away from the perceived world and getting closer to it, through the same movement.

irridescent pigment - letraset - fine kozo paper - inkjet ink - acupuncture needle - charcoal - timepiece - prism - pendulum - suction cup - instrument cord - survival blanket - prtotype (jean-françois roversi) - video - transfer - transcription - led - glass - crystal - broken mirror
variable dimension

solo show
La Part du Feu gallery, Brussels
October 13-28
concert together 19/10
solo performance 25/10
duo concert 28/10