le Rayon is a SF novel in progress
it sets up on a viola-moon of another system, falling into wormhole, autism and circular thinking

evn and dragor fled from a red planet in search of a legend buried under the ice, a child whose dreams refer to an anonymous blue planet

invited in 2021 by La Satellite for the SF festival "péridion", I concieved a site-specific installation composed of theremin layers played through an old air duct illuminated from the inside by a violet ray.
Another sound piece was diffused through a small tube on the floor and a video projected onto the wall, showing a white cat crossing the frame cut by a violet ray - an optical accident due to the camera, but strangely enough, the cat seems to take it into account !
Is this ray a wormhole, a shortcut to another dimension, a fold in space-time?
I also gave two performances for theremin, voice, modular synth in an old telephone and sound samples. One of them on the Atoma acousmonium.