Washing Machine

The starting point of Washing Machine is a small laundromat in a working-class neighbourhood of Brussels. From this modest location, Joseph Hogan (images), and Florence Cats (field recording, piano and theremin) composed a hybrid visual poem that portrays the everyday life which emerges from the square and the adjacent streets, an area populated by immigrant workers and forgotten members of society.The film moves on in a fragmented form that gives way to a poetics of accident, as though the form of the film appeared in the midst of the process.The textured images shot on super 8 film weaves with soundscapes, voices and fragile music.The narrative is built around several parts that alternate tones and styles to compose a polyphonic piece. Everything blends together in a ceaseless movement, like the inside of a washing machine in motion.

IMAGE : Joseph Hogan

SON : Florence Cats

MUSIQUE : Florence Cats

MONTAGE IMAGE : Joseph Hogan

MIXAGE : Maxime Thomas, Florence Cats

√ČTALONNAGE : Jean Minetto

COPRODUCTION : GSARA / Maison des Arts de Schaerbeek