this is for you.
It is with you that I want to talk to.
Right now.
So drop your phone and read this, just for three minutes.


At the bottom, you'll see a blueish cloud, with hundreds of different shades.
Shades of words, phrases,
unwritten letters,
lyrics you wish you wrote,
questions you wished to avoid,
lyrics you will maybe write,
questions you will have to answer, one day.
They appear on it,
not clearly,


Did Dante really mean that the difference from Hell to Paradise
is a big cloud of broken words


In Florence's fresco there could be no Paradise
and no Hell either.
I even think she's not interested in them,
that would be too easy.

This is a sad story if you look for friendly faces
or answers
in Florence's fresco,
you will not see any.

This is a sad story, unless you decide to fill that soft sky
with braveness
with one more color
many more pains
many more Why.
This is a sad story, unless you, me, us, decide to become that fragile, temporary, sky.

I'm not sure this is the meaning of Dante's Purgatory
or Florence's fresco
but this is my take.

...........................Simone Falanca


jeu de balle, duo show
le clignoteur, brussels 2021